How To Save More On Diabetes Medicines?

Over the last few years, Diabetes has been a growing health challenge in India. Currently, 11.4% of the population lives with diabetes, and another 15.3% is in the pre-diabetic stage! It can be safely assumed that diabetes affects people across the economic spectrum. 

Managing diabetes can only be possible through a strict regime of medication and monitoring, which is long-term. The cost of diabetes medicines prescribed over a period of time can be taxing on a family’s finances. Therefore, people often ask their doctors how to save on diabetes treatment. 

Let us understand if there is a solution. 

Understanding the Essentials of Diabetes Management

People with diabetes or prediabetes can live a regular life through a strict routine of diabetes management. If managed well, it can prevent further spikes in blood sugar and other dangerous diabetes-induced health complications such as nerve damage, heart and kidney problems, retinopathy, diabetes foot, etc. However, if diabetes is not managed properly, it can lead to these complications, which can multiply the expenses of diabetes management.

The essentials of any diabetes management plan include:

  • Taking the medicines prescribed by your doctor 
  • Monitoring blood sugar regularly
  • Eating a healthy diet 
  • Exercising regularly 
  • Routine lab tests and follow-up visits, as suggested by your doctor

Types of Diabetes Medicines 

There are different types of diabetes medicines. Some encourage the pancreas to produce more insulin. Others block those liver enzymes that break down carbohydrates, which slows down the rise of blood sugar after meals. Or you may have to take insulin. Doctors also prescribe medicines for comorbidities of diabetes like high blood pressure, heart disorders, sleep disorders, etc. Overall, diabetes medicines are extremely effective in managing the condition and its related problems. 

Common Mistakes People Make with Regard to Diabetes Medicines

It is mandatory to avoid these mistakes-

  • Don’t forget or skip the medicine. If you have a habit of forgetting, then set the alarm to remind you or use a pill organiser. 
  • Do not stop taking your doctor-prescribed medicines in favour of home remedies. Without medication, diabetes can be fatal. 
  • Do not break or split a pill in order to take it multiple times. Any change in medication dosage will be decided by your doctor. 

Not following the above points may increase the treatment cost in the future.

The Problem: Managing Diabetes Can Be A Costly Affair 

Some studies have found that people with diabetes have to spend twice as much as non-diabetic people every month. 

So now your question might be, ‘Are diabetes medicines usually expensive?’ 

To answer this, these medicines are priced differently, and the cost will largely depend on the type of medicine you have been prescribed – whether it is a generic medicine or a branded one.

The Solution: Generic Alternates Can Help Cut Down Your Medicine Bills

Yes! It is possible to save on diabetes management with generic alternates.  

But what are generic alternates, and how safe are they?

Generic alternates have the same active ingredients present in the same strength as non-generic medicines aka, branded medicines. 

  • They contain the same composition.
  • They are similar in the form of dosage, administration method, strength, and intended use. 
  • They have the same medicinal effect, which means they are equally effective as branded medicines.

But How Are Generic Alternates Cheaper? 

Generally, when a new medicine is launched, its manufacturing is protected under a patent. However, once the patent expires, other pharma companies can sell its generic form using the same formulation. Since these medicines have already passed clinical trials and approvals, the expense of performing the clinical trials is saved, thus making generic alternates available at a much lower price.

How to save money on diabetes medicines

  • You may opt for generic alternates for your prescribed diabetes medicines that are available at a much lower price. You will find quality-assured generic medicines for diabetes on the PharmEasy website or app. 
  • You may talk to your doctor to prescribe generic alternates for your diabetes treatment that are much more affordable and equally effective.
  • You can always check what discounts are available on the exact same composition medicines and compare their prices before you buy.

How to save money on diabetes supplies

  • Purchase your diabetes supplies, such as diabetes test strips, glucose monitors, etc, in bulk instead of multiple times in close intervals. 
  • Whether you are buying them online or in your local pharmacies, remember to compare the prices and discounts being offered. 

Importance of Diet and Exercise in Cutting Cost of Diabetes Care

In order to make the medication and treatment more effective, make sure to

  • Focus on a healthy diet and be consistent with your diabetic health goals. Non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, leafy greens, cabbages, fruits like berries, oranges, bananas, apples, grapes, whole grains and mixed grains, eggs, lean meat, and soy products will help. Cook at home instead of ordering from outside. 
  • Exercise daily. It can make your body more responsive to insulin. It also reduces the chances of heart disorders and nerve damage. 
  • Manage stress and get good sleep.

Living with Diabetes can be challenging, and the financial burden of medications can add to the stress. With a disciplined approach to a multi-faceted diabetes management plan, you can live a healthy life and can actually reduce long-term diabetes costs. 

Switching to generic medicines is indeed a practical approach to reduce costs while still maintaining the necessary treatment. Talk to your doctor about the generic medicines that you may opt for in your diabetes treatment plan. This may significantly lower your monthly expenses on diabetes management.

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