At the Diagnostic lab, we promise to deliver quality, efficient and cost effective diagnostic and screening services. We look forward to being the most competitive and most productive diagnostic and screening laboratory as per the ISO15981:2012 standards.

We believe in bringing quality and cost-efficient services closer to the patient. Metropolitan Hospital Laboratory provides services in the following disciplines: Hematology, Parasitology, Serology, microbiology, Immunology and Biochemistry.

We are the pioneer of Covid 19 Antigen test in Makadara Subcounty.

Our equipment are properly selected, installed, validated, maintained and disposed of according to manufacturers instruction in order to meet the needs of laboratory to perform quality diagnostic testing. We are an authorised blood bank in conjuction with Kenya National Blood Transfusion Services (K. N. B. T. S)

The Laboratory Services at our hospital play a pivotal role in the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patient health conditions. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with the latest diagnostic technology and is staffed by highly qualified professionals, including pathologists, medical laboratory scientists, and technicians. Here is an overview of the services provided by our Laboratory:

Core Laboratory Services

  • Clinical Chemistry: Performs tests on blood and body fluids to measure chemicals, enzymes, and other substances, aiding in the diagnosis of conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and kidney dysfunction.
  • Hematology: Analyzes blood samples to evaluate conditions affecting blood cells, such as anemia, infection, and leukemia.
  • Microbiology: Identifies bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic infections by culturing and analyzing various specimens, helping to determine the appropriate antimicrobial treatment.
  • Blood Bank/Transfusion Services: Ensures the safe transfusion of blood and blood products, including typing, cross-matching, and screening for transfusion-transmissible infections.

Specialized Laboratory Services

  • Immunology and Serology: Tests for immune system functioning and detects antibodies in the blood, aiding in the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases and immune deficiencies.
  • Clinical Pathology: Pathologists examine tissue and cell samples to diagnose diseases, including cancer, and guide treatment decisions.
  • Molecular Diagnostics: Utilizes advanced techniques to analyze genetic material for genetic disorders, infectious diseases, and cancer mutations.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

  • Genetic Testing: Offers testing for hereditary conditions, providing information on genetic predispositions and guiding personalized medicine approaches.
  • Toxicology: Conducts tests to detect and quantify drugs, alcohol, and poisons, supporting the management of overdose and poisoning cases.

Supportive Services

  • Phlebotomy: Trained phlebotomists collect blood samples with minimal discomfort, ensuring the integrity of specimens for accurate testing.
  • Specimen Processing: Efficiently processes a wide range of specimens, ensuring they are correctly prepared for analysis.

Quality and Safety

  • The laboratory adheres to strict quality control and assurance protocols to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results.
  • Accredited by recognized regulatory bodies, our laboratory meets stringent standards for operational excellence and patient safety.

Integration with Clinical Care

  • Our laboratory services are fully integrated with electronic medical records (EMR), allowing for seamless communication of test results to healthcare providers.
  • Pathologists and laboratory scientists work closely with medical teams to interpret test results and contribute to comprehensive patient care planning.

Research and Education

  • The laboratory participates in research projects to advance medical knowledge and improve diagnostic methods.
  • It also serves as a training ground for medical students, residents, and laboratory science students, contributing to the education and development of future healthcare professionals.

Our Laboratory Services are essential to the hospital’s mission, providing critical insights that inform patient care decisions. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement, our laboratory ensures that patients receive timely, accurate, and effective diagnostic testing to support their health and treatment.