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Medicine & Wellness

With better education on the care of your pets’ health, nutrition and environmental management, most pets have greater chance of living much longer and having happier lives. Since pets often conceal their sickness, we strongly recommend biannual physical examinations to check for health and management related problems.

Surgery & Rehabilliatation

Our team of veterinary surgeons provides the full range of today’s most advanced Surgical services including Orthopedic surgery, Soft tissue and oncologic surgery We provide physical rehabilitation which is a non-invasive approach to improve the recovery of patients with both chronic or acute conditions and those recovering from surgery. This helps to speed the recovery period and alleviate pain after an injury or surgery.

24 hr Emergency

Our team is supported 24/7 by specialty services including laboratory, pharmacy, digital x ray and ultrasound for the critical patients that require the most intensive treatment plans and nursing care. At any time, on any day or night, our emergency care teams are able to consult with doctors and surgeons for best care for your pet.

Dental Care

Dental care is an essential component of a preventive healthcare plan. We provide quality dental care that will give optimum health and improve quality of life for your pet. Dental diseases if left untreated, are not only painful, but can contribute to other local or systemic diseases. It is always important to have your pet’s teeth cleaned professionally, but many times that is not the primary treatment your pet needs. Many pets have other dental problems that predispose them to an unhealthy mouth.

Animal Rescue

We normally undertake animal rescue in the event of injuries and emergencies.

Pet Hotel Service

Are you on vacation and would wish someone to take care of your pet?Reach out to us.

Additional Services

We offers wide range of services for our clients and we are always detail oriented.

Our Professional Skills

Check out some of our greatness and strengths that we take proud of.

  • Medical Skills90
  • Grooming Skills80
  • General Pet Care70

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